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Gwen Bell

For the last 38 years, Gwen Bell has worked hard to build her career as a licensed professional hairstylist. Through her journey as a hair care professional, Gwen has developed an expertise in styling her diverse clientele’s hair, while ensuring the use of high - quality hair brands/ products, such as Redken, Mizani, and Lanza. 


Gwen has built her business on her devotion to “creating and maintaining healthy hair & scalps in order to ensure beautiful hairstyles”.

As a 25-year cancer survivor who has firsthand experience dealing with the assorted effects of post- chemo hair damage, along with caring for her clients with various hair and scalp problems; Gwen has passionately educated herself, her clients, and other stylist, in the use of products, treatments and techniques that have improved and resolved numerous hair and scalp issues.


Prior to moving her practice to Duvall’s Hair Designs, Gwen was the owner of D’emore Salon, a full service salon, located in Bedford Texas. After a 22 year successful run she decided to close Demore Salon and start a new chapter in her hair career, by operating as Demore Seat, as an independent contractor, salon consultant and mentor.


Gwen’s vision for Demore Seat is to provide her clients with the highest level of professional service, along with being the training grounds for current and future beauty industry professionals.


In 2021 Gwen moved her seat to Salon on the Hill #2. After the closing of Duvall’s, the move was an opportunity to grow her hair loss business in addition to her hairstyling business. This new vision has been a great new adventure. 

Gwen has received many certifications in hair loss, including Surface, Bodley hair loss. She also has a Hair Practitioner Certification from the International Association of Trichologist. Gwen is currently enrolled in the Hair Loss University. All of her current and past education aligns with her bachelor’s degree in Rehab Science from the University of Texas at Southwest Medical. 


Gwen’s fight against cancer, her love and dedication to her business, has given her the opportunity to inspire and uplift women. Not only has she been a trusted advisor for those diagnosed with cancer, but also those who are seeking help with hair loss and who are seeking to be successful in the beauty business.


It is now time to build our business and be our own CEOs with this strength and passion for our business and community while continuing to work to meet the personal needs of our clients.


John 15:5 - I am the vine. You are the branches. 


I can only do this with the grace of God

 Hair cut only : $30-35
Hair cut Style: $40-45

 Style: $25-35
Blow dry/set: $25-35
Roller Set/ Flat Iron: $25-35

 Hair cut: $20

 Hair cut: $18

Special Service:

 Bang Trim: $10+

 Mustache $7+
Basic wave

 only: $75+
Wave with cut: $85+

Specialty Wave:
 Wave only $90+
Wave with cut: $100+

 with style: $80+
Smooth Out: $185+

  Single Process: $50
       With style & cut: $90+
Double Process: $95+
       With Style & Cut: $110+

Corrective Color:

  $80 + per hour

   Foil: $95+
   Foil with cut: $115+
   with more than one color: $120+

   Partial Foil ( 12 foils): $65+
      with cut:

   Cap Highlight: $85+
     With Hair Cut & Style: $110+

Speciality Treatments:

Protein Treatment: $30

Conditioning Treatment:$25

Steam Treatment $10-25 per Treatment

Awaken Treatment: $20

     with Light $10-$15

     with Streamer $10-$20


French Brades:$ 20-$30


Special Styles:


Tuesday  11-6

  Wednesday  10-6

    Thursday  9-7

  Friday 9-5

    Saturday 9-3

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